We breed Savannahs and Bengal cats in a responsible and healthy way. In our breeding programme we only use healthy cats, which have been exposed to extensive medical and genetical examinations. We do not cross Savannahs and Bengals with each other, and neither with other cat breeds. We try to improve the breed by only selecting the cats to breed with, with the most beautiful looks. The perfect look we strive for. With the Savannah, this look is with as many characteristics of his magnificent ancestor: the serval! With the bengal, we strive for characteristics of the Asian Leopard Cat, which is the ancestor of the Bengal cat. The coat pattern can differ with bengal cats. We as a cattery want to breed big (and if possible, ‘clouded’) rozettes as the ideal coat pattern! The coat marking charcoal we also love, whether the bengal cat is a classic brown, a snow mink or a silver colour.

Extensive medical and genetical research

We breed in a responsible and healthy way

The perfect look is our goal