Welcome to Cattery Lovely Savannah

We breed Savannah and Bengal cats on a small scale and are in love with these amazing cat breeds! They are incredibly beautiful, as well as sweet, energetic and playful. Good socialization is our top priority. Our goal is to raise beautiful and very sweet kittens, so their new owners can build a great long lasting bond with them! We breed F2 and F6 SBT Savannah kittens, also blue tabby spotted! Bengal kittens we breed in snow mink, silver and brown tabby, with big rozettes.



The cats live with us in our home or in the cat rooms next to our living room. They have the opportunity to go to a covered outside area which they really enjoy. They love each other’s company as well as the company of our family. The bengal and Savannah kittens grow up in our living room.



The Savannah cats were our first love … but we are also fell highly in love with another breed, Bengal Cats! They have the size of a normal house cat, but they have a pattern that looks like a Clouded Leopard and get very attached to their owners! We have a separate website for our Bengal Cats & Kittens!

Brown tabby bengal
Snow mink tabby bengal


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Our motive? It is the love for the Savannah!

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Our Breeding Programme

We breed Savannahs and Bengal cats in a responsible and healthy way. In our breeding programme we only use healthy cats, which have been exposed to extensive medical and genetical examinations. We do not cross Savannahs and Bengals with each other, and neither with other cat breeds. We try to improve the breed by only selecting the cats to breed with, with the most beautiful looks. The perfect look we strive for. With the Savannah, this look is with as many characteristics of his magnificent ancestor: the serval! With the bengal, we strive for characteristics of the Asian Leopard Cat, which is the ancestor of the Bengal cat. The coat pattern can differ with bengal cats. We as a cattery want to breed big (and if possible, ‘clouded’) rozettes as the ideal coat pattern! The coat marking charcoal we also love, whether the bengal cat is a brown or a snow mink tabby.

Extensive medical and genetical research

We breed in a responsible and healthy way

The perfect look is our goal

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Savannah F2

Gorgeous and intelligent big cat who always wants to be with you.


Savannah SBT

Brown or blue tabby spotted

Stunning and smart family cat with a lot of energy.


Bengal Kittens

Snow, silver or brown

Stunning, cuddly and active pet.


Daily running of the cattery

The daily running of the cattery is carried out by me – a 34-year old woman with a great love for my family, cats, and many other animals. Although it is quite expensive to take good care of my pets, the Savannahs and bengals are my greatest hobby and make life extra joyful. My wonderful husband supports me whenever he can with my extraordinary hobby!

I am in possession of the certificate Professional Competence of keeping Cats and dogs. I have completed my internship, as well as my theoretical and practical tests with good results. For me this is important, because for this kind of hobby you need passion as well as knowlegde!  I also followed classes for cat genetics.

My three young children grow up with the cats from a very early age and love to play or cuddle with them.

We all are enchanted by the these amazing cats – how could it possibly be different? These exceptional cats with their exotic appearance, great intelligence and affectionate, curious character conquer one’s heart forever.