Our cats have been carefully selected from catteries all over the world! All our breeding cats have been tested for hereditary diseases. Besides Savannah cats, we also have 3 Bengal cats!


Our high generation Savannahs:


Amiga has got a golden coat, a gorgeous triangular face, big ears and dark spots. On her ears she has got beautiful white serval spots (ocelli). She loves to cuddle with me but is not a fan of strangers, although she is very curious. I can lift her up and she lets me pet her babies. Amiga does not like changes very much. She loves to play, is intelligent and can fetch very well. Amiga is an F1 Savannah. Her father is a serval, her mother an F3 Savannah. The kittens of Amiga are F2. F2 Kittens are quite hard to breed, so kittens of Amiga are also very special to us. Amiga will always stay with us as well, because she would be very unhappy if we would rehome her! That is the case with many f1 Savannah cats, they get really attached to their home and owner and do not like big changes!





Foluke is a beautiful big Savannahcat with a characteristic black serval nose (with a pink spot!) and very big ears. She has got a sweet personality. She loves to cuddle and I can even lift her up and carry her. She is smart and likes to play fetch. Foluke is an f1 Savannah female. Her father is a serval and her mother is an F3 Savannah cat. Foluke will always stay with us, because she would be very unhappy as an f1 Savannah cat if we would rehome her!




Our SBT Savannahs:

SBT stands for Stud Book Tradition, which means that the Savannah has got at least three generations Savannah parents above him and is therefore a ‘pure’ Savannah cat.



Lulu comes from cattery Savvypaws and is an amazing golden coloured SBT Savannah female. Her head and face looks like an F1 or F2 Savannah, which is so special! A rare beauty like Lulu you do not find often, therefore we are extremely happy with her!





Lucyna is a beautiful SBT Savannah female in a rare Savannah colour: Blue tabby spotted! We are looking forward to gorgeous golden & blue tabby spotted kittens in the beginning of 2025! Lucyna has got amazing spots, high legs and beautiful ears and is super cuddly.




Thimba is an impressive Savannah male from cattery Savvypaws. He has got gorgeous big ears and a golden coat with dark constrasted spots! Thimba is very cuddly and sweet boy.




Capito is a beautiful golden SBT Savannah male with a quiet character. He is sweet to all the females. Capito finally loves to cuddle. It took a long time to win his trust because he came to our home as an adult instead of a kitten. Capito loves fresh water! When I open the water tap, he wants to drink immediately!