Our cats have been chosen carefully from well-known Savannah breeders. The cats we have at the moment come from Italy, Germany, Scotland and The Netherlands. All our breeding cats have been tested for hereditary diseases.


Foluke is a beautiful big Savannah cat with a characteristic black serval nose (with pink spot!) and very large ears. She has a sweet character and likes to sleep on my lap at night. She allows to be petted by people she knows, including our young children. I can pick her up and carry her around. With enthusiasm she walks on a lead. She loves to play fetch. Foluke is an F1 Savannah. Her father is a serval, her mother an F3 Savannah. Her kittens are F2. Foluke is a very caring mother for her kittens.


Amiga has a beautiful small head and tail and a superb yellow-black pattern with large spots. On her ears she has very clear serval-markings (ocelli). She loves cuddling with me and I can lift her up. She is suspicious towards other people, but curious though. She is always enthusiastic to play. Amiga is very intelligent and likes to fetch or search for hidden toys. Amiga is an F1 Savannah. Her father is a serval, her mother a F3 Savannah. Her kittens are F2.


Prince has a beautiful dark head with a characteristic black nose. His body is very muscled and Prince is sweet to everyone. He loves cuddling with adults, children and other cats. He always wants to play. Prince is a sweet stud for the females, but he and Amiga are no good match. Prince just doesn’t like her. Foluke is Prince’s best friend.

Prince is a Savannah F5. This means he is 5 generations away from his ancestor, the serval. Many f5 Savannah males are fertile, but that is not always certain. (Up from F6 you can be certain). Prince hasn’t proven his fertility yet, but we give him the time. Prince is an F5 SBT (Stud Book Tradition): this means that he has at least three generations of Savannah ancestors above him and is a ‘pure’ Savannah.


Naila has beautiful golden fur with black spots. She is a true cuddle-cat. My youngest son is crazy about her and carries her around all day. When Naila sees me, she will jump from the ground straight up to my neck to cuddle. She is a bit naughty and loves to play with people and other cats. Naila is an F2 Savannah. Her granddad is a serval. Naila’s kittens are F3.


Capito is a very beautiful golden Savannah stud with a calm character. He is very sweet to all the females. Capito loves to play and wants to cuddle once in a while, but usually his focus is only on the females! He is the father of a beautiful litter f2 kittens with Foluke. Capito is a generation F7 SBT Savannah. Savannah F5-F7 studs generally are about the same size as a regular cat.