SBT stands for Stud Book Traditional. An SBT is also bred down from the Serval but it is at least 4 Generations removed. The SBT Savannah is a “pure” Savannah that has guaranteed only Savannahs as parents for at least 3 Generations, so the parents of the cat, the grandparents and the great grandparents. Once in a while we have SBT kittens, in the regular Savannah cat colour Brown (black) spotted tabby, but als in de rare colour Blue spotted tabby!

Personally I love the blue spotted Savannah cats the most, because I think they are so special, although the regular Brown tabby spotted Savannahs are also gorgeous!

We once recieved a litter with 2 blue spotted savannah kittens by accident, and since then I really fell in love with them! That is why we now really aim to breed blue spotted kittens. We have adult cats who carry for the blue (dilute) gene, and we also have got completely blue Savannah adults!

Would you like information about available brown tabby and blue tabby spotted SBT kittens? Contact us here!


Brown (black) tabby spotted Savannah kitten


Blue tabby spotted Savannah kittens



Blue Tabby Spotted adult Savannah cat


Brown (black) tabby spotted Savannah kitten of 6 months old